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1030 Chicago Rd
Troy, MI, 48083
United States


After a Fire or flood we can reduce your lose! Whether your clean-up site is a home, business, school, office, or industrial facility, Cemcare uses the most advanced technology to successfully perform cleaning and restoration services.

Bio-hazard and Trauma

Bio-hazard and Trauma

Our trained technicians work in situations where a loved one has been severely injured or perhaps even died a traumatic death from various causes including; an accident, suicide, or homicide. We also face situations where someone has passed away from natural causes and are not found right away, leaving behind body fluids and harmful pathogens that need to be taken care of.

We respond quickly and discreetly to help those in time of need. We remediate the property quickly. We cannot remove the emotional scars, but we pride ourselves in compassionate and a confidential manner in which we perform our work.


  • Follow OSHA bloodborne pathogens standards for remediation
  • Proper training for trauma site decontamination
  • Personal protective equipment used
  • Properly inoculated due to disease pathogens causing aids, hepatitis, tetanus
  • Service residential and commercial sites
  • Proper containment and disposal of bio hazard material at state permitted facility
  • In homes, businesses, hotels, and vehicles, all affected areas are removed or cleaned and disinfected, including carpet, drywall, flooring, and vehicle seats
  • Caring and compassionate staff


BioHazard Kit and Sanitation supplies

BioHazard Kit and Sanitation supplies