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1030 Chicago Rd
Troy, MI, 48083
United States


After a Fire or flood we can reduce your lose! Whether your clean-up site is a home, business, school, office, or industrial facility, Cemcare uses the most advanced technology to successfully perform cleaning and restoration services.

Crime Scene/Vandalism

Crime Scene and Vandalism

Vandalism ranges from misguided pranks to malicious acts. There's no need to tolerate having a reminder of the vandals' visit linger, Cemcare will quickly respond with trained personnel and specialized equipment to remove any trace of the defacement to your property. Our pre-established procedures give us the ability to restore your property quickly & thoroughly.



  • Graffiti Removal- via Baking Soda, CO2 dry ice blasting or powerwashing
  • Suicide/Homicide Remediation
  • Decompostion / Odor / Source Removal
  • Decontamination/Sanitizing
  • Automoblie/ Vehicle Cleaning
  • Removal of Fingerprint Powder
  • Removal of Tear Gas and Pepper Spray Residue
  • Clean Up of Stolen/Recovery vehicle
  • Utilize ozone machines and air cleaning equipment along with the proper cleaning agents to disinfect and remove odor from death, decomposition, spoiled food and human or animal waste